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Elax is world class table water aimed at providing a clean and safe drinking water to consumers which will contribute to the eliminating of invisible spread of diseases and illness that occurs through the unfortunate consumption of unclean and contaminated water, a common realty in most developing countries. Using our professionals in water treatment and the latest technology to build a state-of-the-art table water plant, our experts produce quality consumer product.

ELAX water is derived from a natural source, which then goes through series of filtration process as per WHO specifications, followed by Ozonation & U-V treatment. The end result is crystal-clear water that is pure and safe for drinking. This is then hygienically packaged into top quality temper-proof, PET bottles of various sizes and sachet  for your assurance and convenience. From start to finish, treatment and packaging are technology based to guaranty quality and wholesomeness. The custom built factory is managed by highly qualified and experienced staff.

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